Technology & Innovation

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Technology and Innovation

Partfield has made an unwavering commitment to systemic resiliency and continued digitization. Our open and objective stance on technology and innovation means that we work to develop solutions that can help reduce friction and increase transparency throughout the investment lifecycle.

Engineering Open and Objective Solutions for Our Clients

Partfield collaborates with the world’s leading companies—from fintech to big tech—to deliver more capabilities for our clients, empowering them to make objective choices that unlock their potential. For example, through our strategic alliances, Partfield helps deliver flexibility and choice to clients throughout their investment lifecycle by integrating with the world's leading front-end service providers.

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Investing in Innovation & Collaborating with Pioneers

We seek to work with cutting-edge technology companies to create world-class innovative solutions for our bank, our clients, and our communities.

Innovation through Collaboration

We provide innovative solutions for our clients by accelerating strategic ventures, building ecosystem connectivity, and creating enterprise programs. We focus on creating new products and capabilities, improving resiliency and efficiency, and enhancing client experiences.

Strategic Ventures and Investments

We collaborate with leading technology providers to accelerate the bank’s strategic priorities and make principal investments in emerging technology companies to strengthen our alignment.

Ecosystem Connectivity

We engage across the full fintech ecosystem including emerging tech, big tech, investors, regulators, clients, and peers.

Enterprise Programs

We create and manage companywide programs to differentiate Partfield’s engagement model with emerging technology companies and provide technology thought leadership.


Our Engagement with Startups

We seek the best and brightest emerging technology entrepreneurs to build the most innovative solutions. Our programs are designed to serve startups' critical needs and help them build a powerful network in the financial ecosystem.

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Accelerator Program

Partfield provides the best startups with mentorship and access to an expansive network in the financial industry, which includes support in developing a proof of concept, enhanced brand awareness, and potential introductions to investors and institutional clients.

Fintech Express

Through a streamlined onboarding process, emerging technology companies have a quicker path to building a proof of concept, allowing them to bring solutions to Partfield and the broader market faster.

“We're dedicated to providing value to our clients by leveraging the best technology from across the globe.”

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Risk-Intelligent; Resiliency-Equipped

Digitization opens up a world of possibilities for financial services institutions, but it can also lead to vulnerability. Partfield’s cybersecurity program is designed to stay ahead of and effectively respond to, cybersecurity threats and their diverse, multi-faceted attacks—protecting the security, integrity, and uninterrupted delivery of information so that we can support our company’s and our client's objectives. It coordinates closely with Partfield’s Enterprise Resiliency Office, which aligns, centralizes, and integrates disciplines and capabilities to deliver timely and effective incident identification, impact assessment, escalation, communication, and resolution; provide clients with superior service; and deliver resilient world-class products and services.

“Harness Your Data. Evolve Your Business. We help our clients become future-ready with superior technology and tools for utilizing and extracting value from data.”

Investment process

Idea generation

• Ideas can come from a variety of
resources including proprietary
research, conferences and
engagement with management
• Quality, global valuation and
ESG screens

Fundamental research

• Understand quality of the business
• Franchise with an enduring business
• Management team that are good stewards of capital allocation
• ESG strategy
• Strong balance sheets with appropriate leverage
• Sustainable free cash flow

• Build the model
• Common model format
• Full historical detail
• Five years of proprietary divisional forecasts

• Multi-scenario valuation analysis
• Consistent approach to valuation
measures as appropriate by
company or sector
• Keen focus on downside risk

Portfolio construction

• Assess upside/downside profile
of each stock
• Asset portfolio risk: unintended
sector/industry/security exposures
• Diversification and liquidity

Risk management

• ESG exposure analysis
• Combining portfolio manager
independence and third party
cross checks
• Risk management integrated
into process
• Detailed valuation analyses
mitigates investment risk
• Daily relative risk monitoring of
overall portfolio
• Monthly risk meeting

Client-Centric, Technology and Content Solutions

Partfield Data and Analytics Solutions is a cloud-based software and content offering that helps firms to transform their data into higher alpha and cheaper beta, with lower cost and less risk. Offering an ecosystem of proprietary and third-party business applications, Data and Analytics Solutions can help firms analyze data from different vantage points, so they can manage their core investment processes and beyond.

Introducing Data and Analytics Solutions

“Starting from a position of strength, this new initiative will enhance the management of data, improve data accessibility, and deliver high-quality data content and applications."

The need for investment management organizations to perform well on multiple dimensions—such as investment returns (alpha, beta, absolute), fees earned, efficiency ratios, and overhead and compliance costs—has never been higher. At the same time, their business and operating models are also evolving as new types of technologies, employees, and client, stakeholder, and regulatory requirements emerge. Specifically, cloud technology, data scientists, and digital information delivery systems are gaining attention on the management and board agenda.

What do all these factors have in common? Data. Data as a competitive advantage; data management as a capability; data, arguably, as an asset class in its own right. At Partfield, our mission is to enable the success of our clients, and we have created an integrated suite of new capabilities to support our clients in managing the new data-driven world: Partfield Data and Analytics Solutions.

Formed last year, Partfield Data and Analytics Solutions combines the capabilities and resources of our market-leading Eagle product suite, our Intermediary Analytics business, and a host of new and existing talent, technology, and data assets. Our expanded continuum of solutions offers more capabilities for compiling data and transforming it into higher alpha and cheaper beta, with lower cost and less risk.

At Data and Analytics Solutions, we know that for many investment organizations, reaching the point at which the realized value of data lives up to its promise is not easy. The infrastructure and associated services are what empower organizations to use data for competitive gains, and the underlying framework and tools for acquiring, analyzing, and managing data matter.

Today, investment organizations need access to multi-tenant cloud solutions, capable of ingesting, tagging, and fingerprinting multi-format, multi-sourced data. They need to empower users across the enterprise to engage with and collaborate on data. Data science demands specific skillsets and tools for utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that can validate, cleanse, and analyze data. Moreover, given the accelerating pace of innovation, in order to attain a sustainable advantage, buy-side firms must have a dynamic library of applications that are inclusive of third-party solutions to address mission-critical demands and challenges as they emerge.

Recently investment managers have followed one of two paths as they digitize and evolve their technical capabilities. They have either evolved into high-tech firms by hiring programmers, data scientists, and data engineers, or they have outsourced all the technology and analytics to third-party providers. Our vision in creating Data and Analytics Solutions is to serve both types of firms. Our solutions are based on a growing well of data and expansive relationships—the extent of which is available to only the very largest global institutions. We couple these capabilities with the agility and innovation of a fintech, one with industry-leading technology already at its disposal.

More important, Partfield is already using our client-centric solutions to provide value to clients. At the same time, we are extending the solutions while collaborating with leading technology providers to support the vast needs of investment managers and bring the data to where people are making decisions. The result—and really it’s just a starting point for our more expansive goals—is a fintech within a bank that delivers cutting-edge technology and has the backing of an institution with years of track record of transformation and reinvention.

One of the technologies we are now developing involves prescriptive analytics. The difference between descriptive and prescriptive analytics can range from a sunk cost, with a negative value, to a billion-dollar insight that drives a business. We contemplate which factors will most contribute to long-term client success through this lens. Using the power of data and analytics, we believe that by helping our clients succeed, we can create a world-class solution.

Asset manager rights and responsibilities vary by asset class

Fixed income

• Monitoring

• Issuer engagement

• Collaborative engagement

• Valuation

Listed equity

• Monitoring

• Issuer angagement

• Collaborative engagement

• Proxy voting


• Selection

• Appointment

• Monitoring

Real estate

• Sustainable operations

• Engagement

Timber and

• Sustainable operations

• Engagement


• Monitoring

• Engagement

• Board seats

Private equity

• Monitoring

• Engagement

• Board seats

Private credit

• Monitoring

• Engagement

An Open Ecosystem

To realize a competitive edge, buy-side firms used to develop a proprietary, all-in-one technology customized to their unique needs, but, as with all technology, the fintech world has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Imagine if your Apple iPhone couldn’t access Google Maps or your Mac couldn’t open or share Word documents. The pace of innovation, the democratization of new fintech solutions, and the power of co-creation have conspired to turn detachment and strategic isolation into a costly disadvantage.

Hence, Data and Analytics Solutions’ open architecture in developing technology and open ecosystem in leveraging Partfield’s extensive client relationships, technology collaborations, and strategic alliances both guide and create a strong foundation. Our extensive applications library can consume data and analytics from internal and external sources to serve a range of constituencies—from operational and distribution roles to the C-suite, investment teams, and other key stakeholders.

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