Private Wealth Solutions

Manage and Maintain Wealth

Partfield Private Wealth Pools are a sophisticated offering designed to help you meet your unique goals.
Key Benefits:

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  • Exclusivity: Only available to investors with at least $500,000 to invest per pool.
  • Householding Benefits: With $750,000 of household assets with Partfield, the minimum investment per mandate within the program is generally waived.
  • Tax-efficient options aimed at:
    • Building wealth: Invest incorporates class pools to potentially delay paying tax until you redeem your investment.
    • Providing income: through its fixed-rate distribution series that is paid monthly and tax-deferred (for corporate class).
  • Carefully constructed risk-conscious approach: Multi-manager investments that combine strategically allocated active portfolios. Our managers take a risk-conscious approach that includes the use of investment-grade fixed income and dedicated low volatility exposure to U.S. equities.
  • Enhanced reporting with the personal rate of return and market commentary.
  • Comprehensive proposal with fee information and portfolio analytics.
  • Customizable portfolio rebalancing.
  • Tax and estate guidance and philanthropic planning.

Preferred Pricing

Partfield’s Preferred Pricing Service is designed to ensure that an investor automatically benefits from reduced costs, once their wealth reaches $500,000. Key Benefits

Partfield’s aggregation and house-holding policies are among the most flexible in the industry.

  • Combine all of your Partfield assets across multiple funds, series, and class levels to qualify for the minimum investment eligibility into the Private Wealth series.
  • Receive price reductions sooner by combining your assets with family members who live with you.

High-water mark, providing cost protection against downward market movements by locking in the highest market value your clients’ portfolio has reached net of redemptions.

Available in embedded (PW), un-bundled (PWX), and fee-for-service (PWFB) series where Partfield facilitates the collection of the advisor service fee.

Automatic conversion into Private Wealth series once $500,000 of household assets with Partfield is reached.

Comprehensive proposal with fee information and portfolio analytics.

Automated linking of accounts.