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About Partfield

Our strong relationships with our clients are based on connections that enable trust and insight as well as the flow of ideas among our investment teams and our engagement with companies, all of which allow us to make a positive difference. These connections are central to our values as a firm, to what active management stands for and to outperform the performance we seek to deliver.

We power success across the financial world for individuals and institutions through unique insights, thinking, and actions. Powering the Financial World Businesses, communities and global economies rely on us because we prioritize client experience, collaboration, innovation, and resilience. As the “people's choice,” our unique perspective, informed by one of the largest datasets in the world, powers the financial industry. At Partfield, we understand the best way to succeed at anything is to Consider Everything.

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With over a decade of experience, and founded by a group of passionate people currently headed by Larry Pike and operating in San Francisco we are dedicated to innovation to help our partners reach their financial goals.

We have been able to identify the right investments, and as a company, we take responsible investments seriously by combining a rich heritage of asset management expertise with a simple, even old-fashioned investment philosophy, a belief in the importance of keeping a long term perspective and of doing our research and that there are no shortcuts to investing successfully. We believe that these qualities are key to providing investors around the world with consistently superior returns over the long term.

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Our Purpose is to Create a more invested world together so that all our clients can be better off. We invest in your families, careers, and relationships – but what if you were just as invested in your financial futures? You can’t realize your full potential if you sit on the sidelines, only think about the short term, or think you have to go it alone.

At Partfield, we want to create a more invested world, partnering with advisors to help you become more knowledgeable, more educated, and more invested so you can meet your full potentials.


By creating unshakeable relationships:

Our story started with one advisor and one employee working together. Since then, the partnership has been core to our culture and how we do business. We believe that when we work together in true partnership, we create the greatest impact for everyone.

Invested In Your Portfolio:

We believe in offering a diverse range of innovative, high-performing investment options that can help every investor to reach their full potential.

Invested In A Better World:

We believe in the power of investing responsibly, creating an inclusive culture, and giving back to our communities.

Invested In Continuous Learning:

We believe that knowledge is power. That’s why we make investments that are easy to understand so that everyone can be invested. We help advisors stay at the forefront of our industry, keeping them informed and educated so they can demonstrate the true value of advice.

Invested In Stronger Relationships:

We believe in helping advisors and investors stay invested through consultative relationships with professionals who truly care.

A long term, risk concious approach

Across our private markets strategies is a long-term focus, a risk-conscious investment philosophy, in-house sector
expertise, and strong internal governance. Our private markets business units are supported by board governance and
investment committees with independent legal, compliance, and risk teams that hold asset management expertise.

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A commitment to sustainability

Responsible stewardship of our client's capital is integral to our business and culture, and we seek
to be a global leader in creating long-term value for our stakeholders. The incorporation of ESG
considerations starts with the integration of ESG factors into our investment analysis and due diligence process.
In segments where we own and operate assets, we hold ourselves to a high standard of stewardship
and sustainability. We do this to both protect and grow the value of those assets and for the benefit
of the communities they touch. where we don't directly own assets, we're commited to intensive
due diligence and engagement with our partners and asset owners.

The Personal Personal Wealth

Our Adisors adopt a disciplined process using The
Personal Wealth Management Strategy. This system
allows them to examine all aspects of your financial
well-being - from evaluating your current state to
understanding your dreams and aspirations - to build
the plan that's right for you.

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The strength of a global financial leader.
The heart of approximately 2000 financial advisors.

Since we were founded, we at Partfield have stayed true to our mission: To help people feel confident about their financial future. During trying economic times our strength, integrity, our breadth of services, and personal relationships have made us a longstanding leader in financial planning and advice.

We have remained true to our vision of putting our clients' interests first. We are passionate about helping you live the full and rich life you’ve earned and committed to helping you be brilliant.

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What is VUCA?

Aterm used to describe the new challenges facing leaders. VUCA presents boundaries for planning,
managing and leading. It sharpens our capacity to look ahead, plan ahead and move ahead.


The nature and dynamics of
change and the rate of speed
of the change.


The lack of predictability,
the prospects for surprise &
the lack of clarity about the

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The multiplex of forces, the
confronting of issues and
the chaos and confusion
that surround an


Lack of clarity about
meaning of trends and

How a Leader Deals with VUCA?

V: Vision

relentlessly communicate
a sense of purpose and
lead people towards it

BELIEF: in yourself and
others, supported by
facts and evidence

FOCUS: ensure your
team's efforts are aligned
and focused on the right

U: Undesrstand

CURIOSITY:ask questions
(coach) that challenge the
status quo in your
organization every day

EMPATHY: get where
people are coming from -
their hopes, fears and

OPEN MIND: explore new
ideas, reflect and seek
constructive criticism

C: Clarity

SIMPLIFY: cut through the
complexity and distill the
core down to its essence

INTUITION: use the gift of
knowing without reasoning, trust your
gut and your experience

approach problems from a
holistic perspective (a system of dynamic, interacting and interdependent parts.)

A: Agility

quickly to changing
circumstances and make
decisions with confidence

INNOVATE:learn from your
mistakes and continously
seek new ways to get
better at what you do

EMPOWER: value networks
over hierarchy,
collaboration over control
and set people free to do
great work

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A company with integrity

Integrity has been a core value since we were founded. It's how, through panics, recessions, and the recent pandemic, we've grown into a global financial leader. We've never lost our focus on our clients. That's who we are.

  • We have more than $5 billion in assets under management and administration.

  • We maintain leadership positions in each of our core business segments: Advice & Wealth Management, Asset Management, Annuities, and Protection.

  • We have more than 10 thousand individual, business, and institutional clients.

Relentlessly Client-Focused

We know it’s not enough to say we’re relentlessly client-focused so we prove it every day, through adaptability, ingenuity, and technology. It’s how we can proactively respond to environmental, social, and governance developments, all while providing peerless client experiences.

Unique Perspective

With a global view across billions of dollars in assets and access to one of the world’s largest financial datasets, we can see what others can’t. This unique market intelligence helps us deliver valuable insights, identify trends and innovate new ideas all in the service of our clients.

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Around the globe, we participate in a wide variety of
collaborative engagements with industry peers, nonprofits,
nongovernmental organizations, and supranational entities. This
work allows us to expand the scope of our sustainability-focused
activity while helping us build more resilient portfolios. Our
collaborative engagements may focus on individual investments
and systemic risks- and sometimes both.

Our approach to collaborative engagement

Collaborative initiatives allow us to pool resources with, and to learn from, peers and third
parties while also amplifying our influence as we encourage changes across issuers, markets, and policymakers to build resiliency in our investments and portfolios.

Our collaborative efforts take various forms, but typically focus on the identification of systemic
risks (e.g., transition or physical risk related to climate change) and the collective action we
may take to address these risks. Our activities may target change at a systemic level, such as
through creation of a biodiversity framework for disclosure; at the industry level through our
role on the SASB Financials Standard Advisory Group; or may target a group of companies on
a thematic issue as through Climate Action 100+. We may also join a collaborative effort as a
means of excalation regarding risks at a single issuer. Through this work, we never lose sight

Collaborative Engagement
and Industry Leadership

We participate in collaborative industry initiatives on a selective and strategic
basis. These initiatives support our core engagement program. We seek to
understand where collaboration can provide the most viable and impactful
supplement to our powerful internal capabilities.

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Five key consideration for collaborative engagement

When considering participation in a collaborative engagement initiative, we weigh
the following factors:


How closely aligned
is this engagement
opportunity with our
investment holdings?
Does it include
companies where
we are significant


Would our
participation help
the engagement
initiative? Does it
need a large asset
manager merely to
gain attention, or
does it already have
broad support?


Does the
make the most
efficient use of our
internally dedcicated


Have we already
undertaken the same
engagement or very
similar engagements
unilaterally with


Is the scope
of the collaborative
engegement clear,
and are we confident
that it will not change
over time?


We strive to deliver the best possible risk-adjusted returns across asset classes, styles, and geographies. Above-average returns but with below-average volatility, we want to own diverse superior businesses no matter where the area located in the world. We are style agnostic we own value companies and we own what is considered growth companies, The thing about investing is no matter how much work you do, how well you know the company, how well you think you understand the business, the world is a fluid and dynamic place and you can still be wrong. It's no the winners that ultimately determine the performances it's managing your mistakes, We believe part of our advantage is that we look out beyond one or two quarters.

The market can be very short-term thinking making those judgment calls based on what we think will look like 2 years, 5 years, 10 years from now that really isn’t bigger yet. All our public investments are based on the funds we run, we think it's a good thing to do as it aligns our interest with every unitholder as they know. That anything that happens to the funds gets better otherwise we feel it as much as anyone else and this makes for a very easy conversation when we are talking to our clients.

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Your Partner in Performance

In volatile markets, it’s more important than ever to help your clients stay invested. Our managers have the experience and disciplined investment process to keep your clients moving towards their long-term goals. Performance is about meeting your clients’ objectives, whatever they may be. Through our investment boutiques and value-added services, Partfield can help you deliver better client outcomes, regardless of market conditions.

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Private Wealth Counsel

Partfield Private Wealth Counsel is dedicated to providing a deeply personalized wealth counseling service to households with $1,000,000 and more in investable assets.

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Private Wealth Solutions

Affluent investors have unique needs that require exclusive service. Partfield Investments is committed to providing superior products and solutions that meet those needs.

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What makes us different

You bring a lot to the table. So we make sure we do too.

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Dual Platform

We welcome both
independent MFDA and IIROC

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We offer a competitive tiered
compensation structure.

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Our proven client experience
process is rated Number 1!

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Portfolio management,
marketing, compliance and end-
to-end transition support.

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Our leaders not only welcome
your engagement and dialogue,
they count on it.

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Your independence and
entrepreneurial spirit makes us
who we are, and we value it.


From market shifts to major life milstones, we will meet you
where you are - in just the way you choose - and work with you
to get where you want to go. That,s advice, your way.

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Juggling schedules and trying to get family together in one place or getting financial advice for your wealth management questions shouldn't be stressful. Thats why we'll meet you on your terms, be it one-on-one online,in-person,or on a group video call with everyone in your family- unrestricted by regions and time zones.

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Planning is personal.We provide different levels of service that you can choose from - so you get what's most effective for you. >We will help you find your preferred approach - whether you want to plan for a specific target goal, comprehensive wealth management advice, or anything in between.

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Communication is integral to how we work with you. We will review, adjust and adapt your plan based on your engagement > preferences, and we'll stay connected with you - through your channels of choice.

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